Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mainly sketches for now...

My lovely new sketchbook (although I'm on my second one now + 2 others):

Some work from the drawing lessons:

Here we were partnered up and drew each other for alternating periods of time (between 5 and 2 minutes):

We went to Kyoto City Zoo too:

Character designs from the stop motion class:

 The idea is that she is a tea fairy of sorts (the brief was to design a Yōkai) who steals tea bags from brewing teacups and ties them around her waist to create a dress. We're currently creating puppets of them to animate too!

Sketches from the animation class where we were animating this robot for a couple of projects:

Finally here are some more recent bits of work from the drawing class:

The next two are where we were given an image of a dancer, which we could then stylize:

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and to my family: see you soon! C: xx

Here are some photos from around Kyoto lately (the rainbow was pretty well timed):