Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hello again!

I was creating this post when I realised that I hadn't posted the raccoon walk animation that the previous post was talking about, so without further ado:

The term finished off with a layout module, which isn't my strong point so I was wary right up until the end result. As a first time creating a layout (as in going through the steps of designing and finishing it) I'm kind of happy with the end result. I'd hoped it could be a bit more cluttered and it looks far too empty at the back of the room/ top of the image, I'll have to take that more into consideration next time I draw something like this.

There's a group blog set up for over the summer, that I just posted to, here.

In other news, I'm more tanned than I've ever been in my life! I may not look it and this is hardly world-shattering, but for me it is quite a development. Yesss...