Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ta-da~ portfolio time~!

I've put together a portfolio! Exciting times right? :D It will also have a showreel embedded very soon but for now here it is:

How gorgeous has the weather been lately? Some beautiful skies whilst walking home.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This could be a terrible idea...

... to post at night, right after finishing this. I should probably give it time to simmer and come back to it later.
Does a fancier-than-usual work make up a little for not updating for so long? It came out of gazing at Loish's work and playing around on Photoshop since we've recently started some digital painting lessons (so I thought I'd revive what I'd learnt on my last course too).

I didn't think I'd taken any photos lately but turns out I have this one from while ago- Bournemouth balloon chilling out in the fog there:

The sun was glorious today, Corinne Bailey Rae felt very appropriate! (Although this one is more of a wake-up song)