Friday, 8 March 2013

(Updated) Jumping in Style~

Jumping in style, my character is jumping over a stile in a field- puns, heh heh heh...

So to the point- here's a test of my jump exercise so far, the lighting is a bit funny and it seemed to be capturing at a higher quality but apparently not! It'll be finished soon so I'll post a suitable one then, so please forgive me for the quality of this one:


I also bought a fancy new mechanical pencil earlier today and some metallic inks yesterday- OH MY, they're so much fun to work with. I grew up reading the beautiful book Sun, Moon and Stars by Mary Hoffman and illustrated by Jane Ray. I still have it and have always been in love with the shimmering gold in the illustrations so that was what first came to mind when I saw the inks. Here's a couple of scribbles to test them out!