Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yawning and Jumping

So here we have it! My final yawn/stretch exercise:

I think I could keep tweaking it forever (I'm happiest with how this one turned out that my other animations so far though) so I'll have to push on with the next task instead: the jump. I've spent my time so far sketching a character and a simple layout so I'm hoping to get a load of the keys done tomorrow~ c:


As my classmate Joao (here!) suggested here's a quick Photoshop-colour version of how I imagine her:

The leaping over the fence sketch makes her look fairly adept but she seems to be a bit clumsy instead... I've been posting gifs on my tumblr of my animations as they develop, which I think looks pretty neat so if anyone would like to see this exercise go through the stages then there's a link at the top of this page on the right~ (though it's also full of inspiration and reblogged pictures of food too, just to warn you).

 Here are also some photos from my trip to Edinburgh/The Borders last weekend, got a little silly when I realised 'Hey I'm travelling by myself... there's nothing stopping me just popping over to that Ben and Jerry's machine...':

OH MY. I love the soundtrack to 'The Brothers Bloom', has anyone else seen this film? It's fantastic- it's ambiguous on when it's set, jumps to lots of different locations and so much more (sorry for the sounding like an advert).

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A super quick update whilst at Uni

This is mainly for my family to see the beginnings of what I'm working on but if anyone else takes interest that's lovely too C:

So this is just the keys of a yawn animation- our first exercise for the new unit, my assessment said that I needed to focus more of the performance than the technicalities so I dove into this one without as much planning as I have been doing so far. To be honest it was quite a release!