Monday, 21 January 2013

Animation Deadline- Complete!

Today was the deadline for handing in our animations and any work related to them (like the sack and flag studies) so I tied up the last ones and here we go, the attitude walk and the waiting-at-the-bus-stop animations:

I'll be honest, I'm sad about how they turned out since I'd envisioned them being better but they're growing on me, I'd been too ambitious for a result my skill level can't achieve yet. I won't mind them so much in time and I can see what I did wrong/how to improve them so for now they're motivating me to practice animating outside of the assignments, which I'll have more time for once the last hand-in tomorrow is over.

 I don't think I ever posted this photo but this is my work space at uni, we have our morning animation lectures in here too (using the projector in the background) c:

After watching Casablanca over Christmas this song keeps coming to mind:
As Time Goes By- Louis Armstrong


  1. They're very nice, I cannot wait to see more from you!! Keep animating and having fun with your uni course !