Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mainly sketches for now...

My lovely new sketchbook (although I'm on my second one now + 2 others):

Some work from the drawing lessons:

Here we were partnered up and drew each other for alternating periods of time (between 5 and 2 minutes):

We went to Kyoto City Zoo too:

Character designs from the stop motion class:

 The idea is that she is a tea fairy of sorts (the brief was to design a Yōkai) who steals tea bags from brewing teacups and ties them around her waist to create a dress. We're currently creating puppets of them to animate too!

Sketches from the animation class where we were animating this robot for a couple of projects:

Finally here are some more recent bits of work from the drawing class:

The next two are where we were given an image of a dancer, which we could then stylize:

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and to my family: see you soon! C: xx

Here are some photos from around Kyoto lately (the rainbow was pretty well timed):

Friday, 30 August 2013


I will be going to Kyoto, Japan, in just less than 2 weeks! Despite that it was decided almost 3 months ago, I didn't want to announce it on here until the important preparations were completed first (i.e. accommodation, flights and VISA). I'll be there for 5 months at the Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) to study in the Character Design department there. I'll still be posting my work on here but if anyone would like to see a more day-to-day blog, one of my fellow travelers, Sara, and I are posting here.

So this is Sara, she attempted to be cat-like to prove a point, our other comrade is Dan:

 These are some of the sketches I did whilst watching commuters at Marylebone:

Here is some other work from the summer:

I can't get enough of markers at the moment! I realised I need to be practicing Photoshop more too though so it seems like future work will be a mixture.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hello again!

I was creating this post when I realised that I hadn't posted the raccoon walk animation that the previous post was talking about, so without further ado:

The term finished off with a layout module, which isn't my strong point so I was wary right up until the end result. As a first time creating a layout (as in going through the steps of designing and finishing it) I'm kind of happy with the end result. I'd hoped it could be a bit more cluttered and it looks far too empty at the back of the room/ top of the image, I'll have to take that more into consideration next time I draw something like this.

There's a group blog set up for over the summer, that I just posted to, here.

In other news, I'm more tanned than I've ever been in my life! I may not look it and this is hardly world-shattering, but for me it is quite a development. Yesss... 

Thursday, 9 May 2013


We're almost at the end of the first year! WOAH.

For our last animation assignment we're animating an animal walking with attitude (meaning showing character/personality rather than looking badass in sunglasses) so my animal of choice is the raccoon. There are some wonderful videos on YouTube of raccoons, such as this one- check out those dainty paws!
The plan is to create a nervous/hesitant raccoon so I thought making him quite round would help this and maybe using the dark fur around his eyes a bit like eyebrows. These are a few of the more final sketches but there are some earlier-on ones in there too (anyone else think he looks a little too much like a Red Panda?)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ta-da~ portfolio time~!

I've put together a portfolio! Exciting times right? :D It will also have a showreel embedded very soon but for now here it is:

How gorgeous has the weather been lately? Some beautiful skies whilst walking home.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This could be a terrible idea...

... to post at night, right after finishing this. I should probably give it time to simmer and come back to it later.
Does a fancier-than-usual work make up a little for not updating for so long? It came out of gazing at Loish's work and playing around on Photoshop since we've recently started some digital painting lessons (so I thought I'd revive what I'd learnt on my last course too).

I didn't think I'd taken any photos lately but turns out I have this one from while ago- Bournemouth balloon chilling out in the fog there:

The sun was glorious today, Corinne Bailey Rae felt very appropriate! (Although this one is more of a wake-up song)

Friday, 8 March 2013

(Updated) Jumping in Style~

Jumping in style, my character is jumping over a stile in a field- puns, heh heh heh...

So to the point- here's a test of my jump exercise so far, the lighting is a bit funny and it seemed to be capturing at a higher quality but apparently not! It'll be finished soon so I'll post a suitable one then, so please forgive me for the quality of this one:


I also bought a fancy new mechanical pencil earlier today and some metallic inks yesterday- OH MY, they're so much fun to work with. I grew up reading the beautiful book Sun, Moon and Stars by Mary Hoffman and illustrated by Jane Ray. I still have it and have always been in love with the shimmering gold in the illustrations so that was what first came to mind when I saw the inks. Here's a couple of scribbles to test them out!


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yawning and Jumping

So here we have it! My final yawn/stretch exercise:

I think I could keep tweaking it forever (I'm happiest with how this one turned out that my other animations so far though) so I'll have to push on with the next task instead: the jump. I've spent my time so far sketching a character and a simple layout so I'm hoping to get a load of the keys done tomorrow~ c:


As my classmate Joao (here!) suggested here's a quick Photoshop-colour version of how I imagine her:

The leaping over the fence sketch makes her look fairly adept but she seems to be a bit clumsy instead... I've been posting gifs on my tumblr of my animations as they develop, which I think looks pretty neat so if anyone would like to see this exercise go through the stages then there's a link at the top of this page on the right~ (though it's also full of inspiration and reblogged pictures of food too, just to warn you).

 Here are also some photos from my trip to Edinburgh/The Borders last weekend, got a little silly when I realised 'Hey I'm travelling by myself... there's nothing stopping me just popping over to that Ben and Jerry's machine...':

OH MY. I love the soundtrack to 'The Brothers Bloom', has anyone else seen this film? It's fantastic- it's ambiguous on when it's set, jumps to lots of different locations and so much more (sorry for the sounding like an advert).

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A super quick update whilst at Uni

This is mainly for my family to see the beginnings of what I'm working on but if anyone else takes interest that's lovely too C:

So this is just the keys of a yawn animation- our first exercise for the new unit, my assessment said that I needed to focus more of the performance than the technicalities so I dove into this one without as much planning as I have been doing so far. To be honest it was quite a release!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Animation Deadline- Complete!

Today was the deadline for handing in our animations and any work related to them (like the sack and flag studies) so I tied up the last ones and here we go, the attitude walk and the waiting-at-the-bus-stop animations:

I'll be honest, I'm sad about how they turned out since I'd envisioned them being better but they're growing on me, I'd been too ambitious for a result my skill level can't achieve yet. I won't mind them so much in time and I can see what I did wrong/how to improve them so for now they're motivating me to practice animating outside of the assignments, which I'll have more time for once the last hand-in tomorrow is over.

 I don't think I ever posted this photo but this is my work space at uni, we have our morning animation lectures in here too (using the projector in the background) c:

After watching Casablanca over Christmas this song keeps coming to mind:
As Time Goes By- Louis Armstrong

Sunday, 13 January 2013

(Very) Quick little update

A main deadline is approaching so once that has passed then hopefully some lovely things will be appearing on here C:
For now though here's a couple of drawings of something we're working on at the moment:

Here's a photo of back home too from over Christmas/New Years:

Oh! And a song too:
The Tallest Man on Earth- 1904
Tallest Man on Earth seems to match the weather/feeling at the moment...

Edit: OH MAN- Any brownie fans have to try this: Brownie in a Mug (Hope you like it Ma! C: )