Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The title fits for quite a few phrases at the moment:
"Gosh! I've almost finished my first term!"
"Gosh! Did I really eat all those biscuits that quickly?"
"Gosh! I haven't posted for a while, have I?"

Well, quite a bit has happened so, although it's not my most recent animation but it's one I'm happiest with lately- the Sack Pantomime, I hope this makes up for the sudden decrease in frequency of posts:

Some life drawing, the first 3 are the most recent and are from a session focusing on perspective in the figure + the different techniques we could use:

The following page is the student-run life drawing class that I went to and hope to again, after a day of life drawing that just wouldn't work this session really helped! c:

Some drawing-the-life-model-as-a-skeleton exercises, a little daunting:

Here's a few other drawings too, these are actually a little old now, my latest character drawings have been a little different:

 Here are some trees I see quite a bit and tend to admire them- they're in a patch of not-quite-woodland that, if I ran through, would make me feel like I'm Robin Hood... possibly... though I'd probably be plus a bike... which suddenly detracts from any coolness that image may have given since I'm fairly clumsy with my bike :I
Not that Robin Hood even had a bike anyway...

Waaaah! Loyd Price from Aardman visited and gave a talk- it was MARVELLOUS. It was a little dark in the lecture theatre so the camera had a tough time, but guess who is on the table behind? 

A song to recommend? Hmmmm... Possibly: Are You Here by Corinne Bailey Rae (who is amazing, definitely see her live if you have the chance, this song is wonderful)