Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Animation and Café Sketches

I present to you: the flag animation I've been working on!
It has its problems- such as when there are ripples flowing through it it changes length (if you stretched it out at different times then the length wouldn't be consistent), the perspective got fairly muddled too. I feel like I've learnt a ton from it despite it's remaining problems, it was the first time I'd tried straight-ahead animation properly- I can't remember if I had before or not- and, though I was wary at first, really enjoyed it. I found myself swaying with the flag sometimes whilst I was planning where it would go next...

We didn't have life drawing on Monday but I did sit in a couple of cafés for some sketching:

I've been snooping around some cafés lately to find one with a good view for drawing passer-bys and might have found one today! The first set of photos below are of the not-so-successful as I ended up in the upstairs area by myself (until a family arrived), with no view of the street, since it was full downstairs- ah well, the place was pretty and I tried a tea I hadn't had before C:
The second place, however, was where I went today and it was gorgeous! I think I preferred it as the lighting was warmer and it felt super cosy, especially with the soup for lunch:


I made some banana brownie that turned out better than I expected, not sure if I want to
admit how much of it I ate but the small piece in this picture is definitely one of many...

Today's music choice is Nujabes' song Aruarian Dance, I really love his work and find it so gorgeous to work along to.