Monday, 22 October 2012

Sunny days!

There is a significantly less life drawing in this post this week due to that, although the session was as  good as always, my own results didn't quite work how I wanted them to. So the following are the ones I was happiest with but not completely (sigh!):

The latest animation exercise is the sack drop, which is as it sounds- we animate a sack spinning whilst strung up and then eventually dropping. The focus being on demonstrating the weight and the anticipation. We had sacks strung up around the studio, which oddly looked a little morbid- especially considering in a couple of weeks we'll be picking up from the end of our sack drop animation and bringing them to life by creating a 'sack pantomime' . We did some studies of them beforehand to get an idea of the dimensions we would be working with:

This was a little character sketch using some of the ideas from last week's life drawing session (using the ellipses and cylinders to create volume). I've realised that this character has been in every post of mine so far, she's still in development (story-wise mainly) but I'll have to introduce her properly sometime! c:

Some more shots below from around Bournemouth, my parents were visiting for the weekend (try to spot them in one of the photos?) which was wonderful- I've topped-up on hugs and discovered some fab restaurants too. We also visited the Russell-Cotes Museum and definitely recommend it- it's a little like the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford- they're Similar in that there is SO MUCH to see. The building itself is beautiful and apparently one of the last victorian buildings to be built. There's a great deal to be inspired by- not just the artwork and exhibitions but the history of the place too! :D

Here's a band I stumbled upon the other day who have a pretty brilliant name - this is their song 'unknown': Spangle Call Lilli line- unknown
I haven't listened to many of their songs yet but they seem chilled and great to work along to C:

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