Monday, 8 October 2012

So it begins!

I suppose this may end up sounding a little like my description but here goes! 
I've just started what is technically my 3rd week at the Arts University College Bournemouth, though the last two were more introductory, whereas today was (and last Friday too, now that I think about it) the beginning of units/ course lectures. 
So then! The first image is some perspective homework after a lecture on basic perspective- the task was to draw perspective of a building/part of one and then also an organic perspective (i.e. of a plant/forest/nature, which I don't think I'll be posting since I feel it's terrible :I )
The following images are of a few drawings from the first life drawing session. The one upside-down is like that on purpose- the exercise was to draw it that way (so the flipped version is on the right of it), which was MIND BOGGLING. I'm not completely happy with  these drawings but they're a start and hopefully they'll be fun to compare to in a year-or-so.

Drawing upside-down toes! Who knew it would be so confusing? Sorry for that they're photos of the drawings rather than a scan- I didn't want to wake my house-mates up with the noise.
This is some fun with one of my classmate's dip pen- I haven't got one yet but it's gone straight to the top of my list, it's so much fun to draw with so I can't wait to get some experimenting done!
The next few pictures are just from around Bournemouth c:

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