Monday, 29 October 2012

(Mainly) Cake Day

At the weekend I joined in on what my friend calls her 'Cake Day', which means that she won't eat cake/sweet things on any other day of the week other than this one. The result of which is that she doesn't snack unnecessarily during on unhealthy foods, appreciates the treat even more and also has discovered some truly darling places ('darling' really is the best adjective here). So on Saturday, she led a group of us over to Christchurch to try possibly the BEST CREAM TEA EVER. It was amazing, seriously. It was a colder day than it had been recently so- with coats, scarves and gloves- we trundled into the tea room pictured below on the left and were presented with warm scones, clotted cream, jam and hot tea on/in beautiful little dishes/cups.

 It. was. wonderful. 

Christchurch itself was ridiculously idyllic, especially in that low-Autumn-sunshine. We got to explore a bit by following a local walk along a stream then to a river with some swans that, when they stuck their heads underwater, looked really silly- it might not be one of those it-was-funny-at-the-time or you-had-to-be-there moments so I've stuck a picture in to the right so you can see too. I think it was that it looked fairly un-graceful, which was funny since they're swans... or we might have been a little sleepy/hysterical?

For a blog called 'Rosemary Draws' there isn't really enough drawing- sorry about that. I'm a month into my course now and I'm finding that my drawing style is being challenged/ changing a lot, which has resulted in quite a bit of experimenting in new mediums that aren't all that appealing to look at. I had a really lovely response to my character sketches from my classmates earlier today though so hopefully that means I'm on the right track and can post them soon! C:


The life drawing session this week focused on muscles and bearing them in mind whilst toning. The  right-hand picture is of a leg and an arm (the latter being on the left) though sans the hand, foot and skin too! We had the model keeping their arms and legs in uncomplicated/ neutral poses with a strong light pointed at them so when we drew the muscles based on this we could highlight them accordingly.

Song recommended by Cake Day friend: 

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