Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Life Drawing and Lego Vikings

Based on the new layout, guess who found a wonderful dip-pen at her university's art sale? There may have to be a post dedicated to it!

Some more life drawing and some more challenges brought with it- this time we were only to draw with charcoal, no shading or tone and using ellipses and cylinders.  I found it difficult at first due to wanting to add more curves/fill in the gaps but after a while I definitely saw the benefits of it; namely it does wonders for planning perspective (I felt like I had to phrase that like a skincare product just now) and the ever-frustrating foreshortening so hopefully I can put it to good use in my character drawings and other areas.
We're at work on our animations mainly,  I'll admit the tests I've done so far I'm not happy with yet but that's to be expected for a first go I guess. I'll hopefully have a desk for my light box soon though so I can work on them after-hours as well.

My Viking Lego lady from my mum- the picture alluded to her having an angry face and I like to think someone, somewhere, has ended up with a rather moody Lego bride (one of the other potential Lego characters to collect, who looks all-smiles in her preview).
This little 'un popped up after my putty rubber formed little horns C:

This is a railway bridge that I can't wait to see through the different seasons- the low sun in the autumn throws some scene-setting shadows and brings out very vibrant greens lately. I've attempted some sketches when I took these photos but I think it will take me a while yet to get it right. If you listen to The Merry-Go-Round of Life from Howl's Moving Castle (here you go!) whilst walking along there it definitely feels fancy and long skirts quite possibly a must (especially if you've been reading Cold Comfort Farm or watching Downton Abbey).

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