Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Could we pretend....

...that that last post was better than it looked? I'm completely puzzled as to why one of the images looks like a chess board as it definitely wasn't when I took it... hmmm...
In other news- I can now present to you an animation! Which is about time of me really since based on this blog it looks as though all I've been doing is drawing people with no clothes on or getting distracted by scenic views from Bournemouth (let's not link the two of those).
So here is the sack drop animation, ta-da! :

We have group meetings/ peer evaluation each week and what we agreed would be better is if there was a longer hold just before the sack drops to heighten the anticipation. Another thing is the rope- I have the frames for it but left it out for the time being since it felt too messy. 

It's feeling very Autumnal fairly quickly:


I've also crocheted a little pumpkin to (very subtly)  decorate my room for Halloween C:

As recommended by my twin here's the gorgeous song 'the dreamer' by Tallest Man on Earth.

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