Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The title fits for quite a few phrases at the moment:
"Gosh! I've almost finished my first term!"
"Gosh! Did I really eat all those biscuits that quickly?"
"Gosh! I haven't posted for a while, have I?"

Well, quite a bit has happened so, although it's not my most recent animation but it's one I'm happiest with lately- the Sack Pantomime, I hope this makes up for the sudden decrease in frequency of posts:

Some life drawing, the first 3 are the most recent and are from a session focusing on perspective in the figure + the different techniques we could use:

The following page is the student-run life drawing class that I went to and hope to again, after a day of life drawing that just wouldn't work this session really helped! c:

Some drawing-the-life-model-as-a-skeleton exercises, a little daunting:

Here's a few other drawings too, these are actually a little old now, my latest character drawings have been a little different:

 Here are some trees I see quite a bit and tend to admire them- they're in a patch of not-quite-woodland that, if I ran through, would make me feel like I'm Robin Hood... possibly... though I'd probably be plus a bike... which suddenly detracts from any coolness that image may have given since I'm fairly clumsy with my bike :I
Not that Robin Hood even had a bike anyway...

Waaaah! Loyd Price from Aardman visited and gave a talk- it was MARVELLOUS. It was a little dark in the lecture theatre so the camera had a tough time, but guess who is on the table behind? 

A song to recommend? Hmmmm... Possibly: Are You Here by Corinne Bailey Rae (who is amazing, definitely see her live if you have the chance, this song is wonderful)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Animation and Café Sketches

I present to you: the flag animation I've been working on!
It has its problems- such as when there are ripples flowing through it it changes length (if you stretched it out at different times then the length wouldn't be consistent), the perspective got fairly muddled too. I feel like I've learnt a ton from it despite it's remaining problems, it was the first time I'd tried straight-ahead animation properly- I can't remember if I had before or not- and, though I was wary at first, really enjoyed it. I found myself swaying with the flag sometimes whilst I was planning where it would go next...

We didn't have life drawing on Monday but I did sit in a couple of cafés for some sketching:

I've been snooping around some cafés lately to find one with a good view for drawing passer-bys and might have found one today! The first set of photos below are of the not-so-successful as I ended up in the upstairs area by myself (until a family arrived), with no view of the street, since it was full downstairs- ah well, the place was pretty and I tried a tea I hadn't had before C:
The second place, however, was where I went today and it was gorgeous! I think I preferred it as the lighting was warmer and it felt super cosy, especially with the soup for lunch:


I made some banana brownie that turned out better than I expected, not sure if I want to
admit how much of it I ate but the small piece in this picture is definitely one of many...

Today's music choice is Nujabes' song Aruarian Dance, I really love his work and find it so gorgeous to work along to.

Monday, 29 October 2012

(Mainly) Cake Day

At the weekend I joined in on what my friend calls her 'Cake Day', which means that she won't eat cake/sweet things on any other day of the week other than this one. The result of which is that she doesn't snack unnecessarily during on unhealthy foods, appreciates the treat even more and also has discovered some truly darling places ('darling' really is the best adjective here). So on Saturday, she led a group of us over to Christchurch to try possibly the BEST CREAM TEA EVER. It was amazing, seriously. It was a colder day than it had been recently so- with coats, scarves and gloves- we trundled into the tea room pictured below on the left and were presented with warm scones, clotted cream, jam and hot tea on/in beautiful little dishes/cups.

 It. was. wonderful. 

Christchurch itself was ridiculously idyllic, especially in that low-Autumn-sunshine. We got to explore a bit by following a local walk along a stream then to a river with some swans that, when they stuck their heads underwater, looked really silly- it might not be one of those it-was-funny-at-the-time or you-had-to-be-there moments so I've stuck a picture in to the right so you can see too. I think it was that it looked fairly un-graceful, which was funny since they're swans... or we might have been a little sleepy/hysterical?

For a blog called 'Rosemary Draws' there isn't really enough drawing- sorry about that. I'm a month into my course now and I'm finding that my drawing style is being challenged/ changing a lot, which has resulted in quite a bit of experimenting in new mediums that aren't all that appealing to look at. I had a really lovely response to my character sketches from my classmates earlier today though so hopefully that means I'm on the right track and can post them soon! C:


The life drawing session this week focused on muscles and bearing them in mind whilst toning. The  right-hand picture is of a leg and an arm (the latter being on the left) though sans the hand, foot and skin too! We had the model keeping their arms and legs in uncomplicated/ neutral poses with a strong light pointed at them so when we drew the muscles based on this we could highlight them accordingly.

Song recommended by Cake Day friend: 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Could we pretend....

...that that last post was better than it looked? I'm completely puzzled as to why one of the images looks like a chess board as it definitely wasn't when I took it... hmmm...
In other news- I can now present to you an animation! Which is about time of me really since based on this blog it looks as though all I've been doing is drawing people with no clothes on or getting distracted by scenic views from Bournemouth (let's not link the two of those).
So here is the sack drop animation, ta-da! :

We have group meetings/ peer evaluation each week and what we agreed would be better is if there was a longer hold just before the sack drops to heighten the anticipation. Another thing is the rope- I have the frames for it but left it out for the time being since it felt too messy. 

It's feeling very Autumnal fairly quickly:


I've also crocheted a little pumpkin to (very subtly)  decorate my room for Halloween C:

As recommended by my twin here's the gorgeous song 'the dreamer' by Tallest Man on Earth.

Oh Technology, you do impress me!

I don't know how this will turn out as I'm posting this straight from my phone (feels fancy) so I'll have to have a look when I get back to my house but here is a live-ish picture of quite a lot of flags :D Now that I think about it- it doesn't sound that thrilling but it's fairly relaxing watching and sketching waving flags. I'll add a silly drawing on this post too to jazz it up a bit...

Monday, 22 October 2012

Sunny days!

There is a significantly less life drawing in this post this week due to that, although the session was as  good as always, my own results didn't quite work how I wanted them to. So the following are the ones I was happiest with but not completely (sigh!):

The latest animation exercise is the sack drop, which is as it sounds- we animate a sack spinning whilst strung up and then eventually dropping. The focus being on demonstrating the weight and the anticipation. We had sacks strung up around the studio, which oddly looked a little morbid- especially considering in a couple of weeks we'll be picking up from the end of our sack drop animation and bringing them to life by creating a 'sack pantomime' . We did some studies of them beforehand to get an idea of the dimensions we would be working with:

This was a little character sketch using some of the ideas from last week's life drawing session (using the ellipses and cylinders to create volume). I've realised that this character has been in every post of mine so far, she's still in development (story-wise mainly) but I'll have to introduce her properly sometime! c:

Some more shots below from around Bournemouth, my parents were visiting for the weekend (try to spot them in one of the photos?) which was wonderful- I've topped-up on hugs and discovered some fab restaurants too. We also visited the Russell-Cotes Museum and definitely recommend it- it's a little like the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford- they're Similar in that there is SO MUCH to see. The building itself is beautiful and apparently one of the last victorian buildings to be built. There's a great deal to be inspired by- not just the artwork and exhibitions but the history of the place too! :D

Here's a band I stumbled upon the other day who have a pretty brilliant name - this is their song 'unknown': Spangle Call Lilli line- unknown
I haven't listened to many of their songs yet but they seem chilled and great to work along to C:

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Life Drawing and Lego Vikings

Based on the new layout, guess who found a wonderful dip-pen at her university's art sale? There may have to be a post dedicated to it!

Some more life drawing and some more challenges brought with it- this time we were only to draw with charcoal, no shading or tone and using ellipses and cylinders.  I found it difficult at first due to wanting to add more curves/fill in the gaps but after a while I definitely saw the benefits of it; namely it does wonders for planning perspective (I felt like I had to phrase that like a skincare product just now) and the ever-frustrating foreshortening so hopefully I can put it to good use in my character drawings and other areas.
We're at work on our animations mainly,  I'll admit the tests I've done so far I'm not happy with yet but that's to be expected for a first go I guess. I'll hopefully have a desk for my light box soon though so I can work on them after-hours as well.

My Viking Lego lady from my mum- the picture alluded to her having an angry face and I like to think someone, somewhere, has ended up with a rather moody Lego bride (one of the other potential Lego characters to collect, who looks all-smiles in her preview).
This little 'un popped up after my putty rubber formed little horns C:

This is a railway bridge that I can't wait to see through the different seasons- the low sun in the autumn throws some scene-setting shadows and brings out very vibrant greens lately. I've attempted some sketches when I took these photos but I think it will take me a while yet to get it right. If you listen to The Merry-Go-Round of Life from Howl's Moving Castle (here you go!) whilst walking along there it definitely feels fancy and long skirts quite possibly a must (especially if you've been reading Cold Comfort Farm or watching Downton Abbey).